Purpose of Articles

Articles are used for informal news on your website. They are very similar to news releases, which should be used for formal news releases that are submitted from your department for media relations.

Articles should be used when you have informal news that you’d like to feature on your website. They can also be used when you want to show an item in your news section that links to another department’s news, or even to an outside source.

Form for creating an article

Steps to Creating an Article

To get to the article, you will need to go to My Workbench and select "Create Content." Then, select the Article content type.

All steps after Step 2 correspond to the fields at right, which are the fields given when creating an article.




1. Select the Editorial Section and add the Page Reference, if appropriate. View additional information about setting the correct Editorial Section and Page Reference.








2. Add the title of the article in the Title field. This title, along with a summary of an article, will appear in any list views news items.

If the title is too long, it will get cut off in the list view; therefore, you can add a shortened version of the title in the Short Title field to ensure that the title of the article is not cut off.




3. If the article has a tagline, add this to the Tagline field.







4. Add the date of the article publication/release to the Release Date field. All news items are organized by release date.



5. Articles can link to outside sources, such as PDFs, news articles on other department sites or even outside websites (where appropriate). This means that when the title of an article is viewed in a list with other news items, clicking on the title will take users to this other source rather than to the body of the article.

If your article should link to another source, put the URL of this source in the External News Link Field. If it links to a PDF or another page on the city website, remember to only include everything after the "/" in the URL. For example, if you want to link to "" you would put only "drupalhelp" in the link box.



6. If your article does not link to an external source, it will need body text. Enter this text into the Body section. If you are unfamiliar with this editor or want more tips on adding documents, photos, links, etc. to the body text, view additional information about the CK editor.










7. If you have a specific contact for this article, click on Contact Details. You will be able to add a contact name, Department, phone number and email address here.

Only City of Austin emails are accepted. To provide a link to a city email address, you only need to type in the person's name. So, if linking to "firstname.lastname at," you would type "firstnamelastname" in the email box. Don't forget to leave out the period between the two names!


Scheduling Content for Automatic Publishing / Unpublishing

Near the bottom of the form for creating an article is an option titled “Scheduling Options" within the bar menu to the left. Clicking on this allows you to add a date and time for the article to publish and unpublish. If your news item doesn’t have specific dates, you can leave these blank.

To set an automatic publish / unpublish, you must set both a date and time to either or both of the options. The time format is in military time.


Saving & Moderating Content

Once you’ve completed your article, click Save at the bottom. You will then be able to send it through workflow to be published on the site. View more about moderating content.