Purpose of Blog Posts

Blogs allow departments to provide a more personal account of upcoming events projects, programs, resources, etc. Blogs are featured on Department Pages, and Blog Posts are used to add new content to these blogs.

Example of form to fill out to create a blog post

Steps to Create a Blog Post

To get to the blog post, you will need to go My Workbench and select “Create Content.” Then, select the Blog Post content type.

All steps correspond to the fields at right, which are the fields given when creating a blog post.


1. Select the Editorial Section. View information about setting the correct Editorial Section.


2. Add the title of the post in the Title field.


3. Select the title of the blog from the "Title of Blog" drop-down field. If the post is for a new blog, contact the corporate web team to get your blog title added to the list. The title must be in the list before you can start creating blog posts.



4. Enter tags for the post in the "Tagged" field.



5. Add a page reference, if needed. View information about using the Page Reference field.





6. Enter the text of the post in the Body section. If you are unfamiliar with this editor or want more tips on adding documents, photos, links, etc. to the body text, view additional information about the CK editor.

Scheduling Content for Automatic Publishing / Unpublishing

Near the bottom of the form for creating an article is an option titled “Scheduling Options." Clicking on this allows you to add a date and time for the article to publish and unpublish. If your news item doesn’t have specific dates, you can leave these blank.

To set an automatic publish / unpublish, you must set both a date and time to either or both of the options. The time format is in military time.

Saving & Moderating Content

Once you’ve completed your blog post, click Save at the bottom. You will then be able to send it through workflow to be published on the site. View more about moderating content.