Purpose of Contact Information

Contact Information allows a user to add contact information to the third (right) column of a page.

Example of form to complete when creating contact informationSteps to Creating Contact Information

To get to the contact information, go to My Workbench and select “Create Content.” Then, select the Contact Information content type.

All steps correspond to the fields at right, which are the fields given when creating contact information.


1. Select the Editorial Section. This will most likely be the home page (department name). View additional information about setting the correct Editorial Section.


2. If the Contact Information is to appear on the page selected in the Editorial Section (Home, About and/or Media), check the “Display on Highlighted Page Above” box. If it is to appear on a different page, select the home page in the Editorial Section, leave the “Display on Highlighted Page Above” box unchecked and add the correct page title to the Page Reference field.


3. Add a page reference, if applicable. View information about using the Page Reference field.




4. Add the title of the Contact Information in the Department/Program Name field. For ease of use, make the title similar to the page for which you are creating the Contact Information.


5. Add a phone number in the “Phone” field. Use the format: xxx-xxx-xxxx.





6. Add a fax number in the “Fax” field, if applicable, using the same format as above.


7. Add the department/contact email address. Only City of Austin emails are accepted. To provide a link to a city email address, you only need to type in the person's name. So, if linking to "firstname.lastname at," you would type "firstnamelastname" in the email box. Don't forget to leave out the period between the two names!

8. Click on “Location” to add a physical location for the contact, including location name (if applicable), street address, city, state and zip code. When entering the state, type “Texas” and wait for a menu to pop up – when it does, select “Texas” from the menu. This will ensure that the website maps the location correctly.

If the contact mailing address is different than the physical address, you may also add a mailing address below the physical address, under “Mailing Address.” Use the same instructions as given for the physical address.


9. If you need to list a specific person to contact, click on “Key Contact.” You will be able to add a contact name, position (or elected position, for elected officials), phone number and email address here. If the phone and email are the same as the ones used above, leave these fields blank. Learn about using City of Austin email addresses within the Drupal system.


Saving & Moderating Content

Once you’ve completed the Contact Information, click Save at the bottom. You will then be able to send it through workflow to be published on the site. View more about moderating content.