There are several content types that departmental users have access to create, edit or both. The content types are explained below. Select a type to view instructions for creating that content type.

Content Type Description
Article Use articles for informal news content (all content besides corporate news releases).
Biography Use biographies for biographical information for department heads or government officials.
Blog Post Create a new post on a department blog.
Calendar Event Create an upcoming event to be placed on the calendar.
Contact Information Insert key contact information for a department, program or division.
Department Page Department pages are the most commonly used pages on the website. You can add videos, photo galleries, news, blogs and forums to these pages.
Extra Page Use extra pages for content that doesn't fit into department pages. You must link to extra pages in the body text of department pages.
Factoid Provide a fact about the department.
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Provide answers to frequently asked questions from your department.
Large Promo This item promotes certain programs, services, etc. with a large, vertical graphic.
News Release Use a news release for official, time-sensitive content, like press releases.
Service Add a service to the department's services list as well as to the full City service directory.
Small Promo - Image This item promotes certain programs, services, etc. with a small, horizontal image.
Small Promo - Text This promo provides a brief description of a topic and a link to an associated webpage. It is solely text-based and will not feature an image.