Purpose of Extra Pages

Because they do not have a character limit, Extra Pages are used when a topic has more content than can fit on a Department Page. Extra pages are very similar to Department Pages, except they are not listed on list pages, so they must be linked to or searched for in order to access the page. In addition, they do not have sections for Features, unlike Department Pages.

Notes about Extra Pages

Like Department Pages, Extra Pages cannot be created by department liaisons. For a new extra page, you must contact the AustinGo web content team with your new page request and business case. If your request is approved, the web content team will create the page and save it as an unpublished blank Extra Page in your workbench.

Example of form to complete when creating an extra pageSteps to Creating an Extra Page

To edit the page, either select “New Draft” while looking at the page from the visitor’s side of the site (you must be logged in to see this tab). You can also search for the page from My Workbench and then click “Edit” next to its title.

All steps correspond with the fields at right, which are the fields given when creating extra pages.


1. The correct Editorial Section should already be selected; however, if it needs to be changed, you can change it to reflect the change in the page. View more about selecting the correct editorial section and page reference.


2. The “Page Reference” field in relation to Extra Pages is used by the AustinGo web team to create custom menus. Contact the web team for more information about custom menus; otherwise, please leave this field blank unless the web team has something in it.



3. The title should already be set up; however, if it needs to be changed, you can change the title of the page in the Page Title field.




The Portal and List Tags and Development Home Page Tags are used by the corporate web team only. You can disregard these fields.




4. Place the text of the page in the “Body” section. This field uses the the CK editor to allow you to edit your text. If you are unfamiliar with this editor or want more tips on adding documents, photos, links, etc. to the text, view more information on the CK editor.


Saving & Moderating Content

Once you’ve completed your content, click Save at the bottom. You will then be able to send it through workflow to be published on the site. View more about moderating content.