Purpose of FAQs

FAQs allow users to show questions that are frequently asked of the department. FAQs show in the main department FAQ listing and may also show with their associated programs, divisions, etc. if they are set up to do so.

Example of form to complete when creating an FAQSteps to Creating an FAQ

To get to the FAQ, go to My Workbench and select “Create Content.” Then, select the FAQ content type.

All steps correspond to the fields at right, which are the fields given when creating an FAQ.


1. Select “FAQ” the Editorial Section. If FAQ is not an option for your department, contact CPIO to have it added. Please do not select anything other than "FAQ" in the editorial section, as it will mess up your department's pages.



2. Add the Page Reference, if appropriate. View additional information about setting the correct Page Reference.




3. Add the frequently asked question in the “Question” field. Remember to use wording that customers often use when asking the question.



4. Add the answer to the question in the “Answer” field. If you are unfamiliar with this editor or want more tips on adding documents, photos, links, etc. to the body text, view additional information about the CK editor.


Saving & Moderating Content

Once you’ve completed your FAQ, click Save at the bottom. You will then be able to send it through workflow to be published on the site. View more about moderating content.