If you're having trouble adding or editing content on the City of Austin's Drupal website, please browse the following frequently asked questions to see if you can find the answer to your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I get the text to wrap around my picture / why can't I resize my picture?
The CK Editor allows you to right or left align a picture, which wraps text around it. You also can resize the picture. But these options only work if you have your Text format set to "Author HTML". How to switch to Author HTML

Who should I contact for web content questions?
Contact your department's web liaison for questions. Often, they are able to answer you questions more quickly and effectively, as they know your resources better than the corporate web team's members do. In addition, all requests that are sent directly to the corporate web team must be re-routed back to department liaisons for approval first, so it can take longer if you try to contact the corporate web team first. Requests are expedited when they are first sent to the liaisons, and then the liaisons send them to us for approval.

Why isn't a web page showing up for the public when it works on my computer?

There are a couple of possible culprits. First, make sure that the URL you gave to the public does not have "" as its URL. This URL is only available to those inside the City network, so you need to change it to just "" (without the draft. part) in order for the public to be able to see it. That's why it's important to make sure that you are creating links correctly within the Drupal system.

If your link is correct, check to see if you can access the page from a different browser while not logged in. If you get an error message, try clicking "New Draft" while logged in to the system, then saving and publishing the draft. That should make it accessible to the public again.

What is the difference between an article and a news release?
Articles and news releases both show up in the same location - within a news section on a webpage. The content types are even set up similarly. The big difference is that news releases are meant for official communications that are sent to the media. Therefore, the news release content type, when published, has the official City seal on the page. Articles are used for more unofficial news items that a department may want to convey to the public.

Why does my calendar event or contact information map show the wrong location?
The system is picky in that it doesn't want you to type in the state of the location. Instead, when editing or creating contact information or calendar events, you need to type in "TEX" and then wait for "Texas" to pop up in a menu. Select it there instead of typing out "TX" or "Texas" in the field. This will ensure that the system knows the state you're trying to convey.

What is, and when should I use it instead of is the URL you should use when editing content. It is only available on the City of Austin network, so those trying to view the website outside of the City network must always use instead. Therefore, you should always make sure not to give a link to a member of the public; instead, erase the "draft." part of the URL before providing the link to the public.

The editing system is set up to work in, so if you're running into issues editing content, make sure you're using instead of If you notice that you're using the incorrect URL, simply add "draft." to your URL, press enter, and then edit the page as normal.

I deleted / added / changed something, but it still isn't showing correctly. What's up?

The City's website system uses caching, which basically means that a visitor's browser will store copies of certain pages in order to shorten load time between pages. This is great for those browsing the site, but it sometimes makes it more difficult for those who are visiting the same pages multiple times, as the browser can pull up an old version of a page, even after you've made changes.

Rest assured that most of the public probably won't have the same issue with this page, as they aren't visiting the page as often as you are. If you want to make sure it has changed, you can either erase your browser's cookies, pull up the page in a different browser than the one you typically use or check the page on someone else's computer. If it's showing up correctly there, that means that it's just a caching issue, and you don't need to worry about the item - it has changed.

If you can't see a change on another computer or browser, double check to make sure that you (or a publisher) published the item. You can also make sure that it was set up correctly. If everything looks normal, give it an hour, as the City's system doesn't update changes instantaneously. After that, call your liaison for help.

Why can't I change a link inside my page?
Sometimes there's an issue when you're trying to change a current link to link to something else. To fix this, highlight the text that is linked and click the "Unlink" button (located next to the link button). Then, you can click the "Link" button and proceed with adding the new link.

Can I add a video to a news release or article?
Yes! To add a video to a news release or article, simply click the Embed Media button and search for the video, just like you would in a department page. The only difference is that you will be adding the video into the body of the page instead of in a feature box, which only shows up on department pages.

Why isn't my promo showing up on the right page?

Promos can be tricky. If you want the promo to appear on a Home, About or Media page, select the item from the editorial section. check the box below the editorial section and don't put anything in the Page Reference field. If you want it to appear on a specific program or division page, select the home page in the editorial section, don't check the box below the editorial section and add the page title in the Page Reference field.

If it's not showing on a program, division or location page, check to make sure the home page is selected in the editorial section. If it's not showing on a Home, About or Media page, check to make sure that the check mark box is checked below the editorial section.

Why can't I edit or publish the Home, About or Media page?

You actually can. You just have to go about it differently.

As you've noticed, there isn't a tab for you to click "New Draft" on a Home, About or Media page. Therefore, you have to go to My Workbench, search in All Recent Content for all department pages in your department and then select "Edit" off to the right of the page you want to edit. You'll then be able to make changes.

Because the top tabs are gone, you'll also have to moderate the page differently. You will need to go into the "My Drafts" tab of the workbench, find the correct page, and then click "Needs Review" (and "Published after that if you're a publisher) to the left of the page title in order to publish the page.

Why can't I create content?
First, make sure you are working in Mozilla Firefox and not another browser. Next, be sure you're using instead of Finally, you may not have the correct permissions. Go to the "My Sections" tab of My Workbench and check to see if your department is listed under the "Department" section. If not, contact the corporate web team to get access. You can only have access to add and edit content if you have attended Drupal training.

How do I add a new page to the website?
Contact your department liaison for permission to add a new page to the website. The liaison will contact the corporate web team to create the blank page, which you will then be able to edit. If you are the department's web liaison, contact the corporate web team to have your page approved. You will need a title, the location where it should be and a business justification for the page to be created.

Why can't I publish content?
Each department is only permitted one or two publishers so as to make sure all content is going through a workflow before it can be seen on the public side of the website. The only publishers are the department liaisons, who work with the web team. This workflow is necessary in order to make sure that all content is factual and error-free before it is made available to the public.

How can I get an online form for my department

Online forms must be created by the corporate web team. If you're interested in having an online form, contact your web liaison, and he or she can work with your department's web team liaison to set up a form.

The corporate web team must have the following items before they can proceed with your online form:

  • Intro text to show at the beginning of the form that explains the form's purpose
  • All of the questions for the form, and any answer choices (if the question is multiple choice)
  • An asterisk by each question that is required for submittal of the form
  • Text the users should see after they submit the form
  • Email address(es) that should receive forms once they're submitted

How can I get my promo, calendar event, news release, etc. on the City's home page?

Contact your department liaison to see if your article, news release, calendar event, etc. is something to be considered for the City's home page. If your liaison believes it to be a good idea, he or she will forward the item to us for review. Upon approval, we will promote the item to the home page.

The corporate web team also has the ability to create feature articles. These have large photos on the home page that then link to articles or other resources. These typically generate a lot of web traffic. If you have an idea for a feature, contact the corporate web team for more information on this process.

Still Have Questions?

Contact your department liaison for help if you still have questions. Department liaisons should contact the web content team for help, or for suggestions to add to this FAQ page.