Another great Juneteenth celebration at the CARVER 2012

Jun 18, 2012 - 3:32 pm

  Once again the George Washington Carver Museum staff pulled off a great Juneteenth Celebration!

two bands play at 2012 juneteenth

Two of the three bands that performed at the 2012 celebration.

It really felt like attending  a traditional neighborhood party. Everyone felt a certain comfort level, even among strangers. It often feels that way when people gather for a common cause.  The Austin American Statesman picked up on the community vibe and published a photo taken on Saturday for its Sunday June 17th Metro Section front page.

dancers at 2012 juneteenth celebrations

Dancers performing at the 2012 celebration.

At its core, The Carver's purpose is to foster a greater sense of community. That's not easily achieved in times of great change. Through its annual Juneteenth celebrations the Carver can play host again to its extended family.

kid palying games at the 2012 Junenteenth celebrations

todlers at 2012 juneteenth

All participants received tickets for each game and redeemed them for fun prizes. Everybody wins at the Carver!

Visitors of all ages enjoyed music, games, cultural activities and historic recreations. Games included sack races, ball toss, tug of war and hula hoops. The younger kids attended puppet shows and other entertaining activities. Older kids relished the more competitive activities.  All participants received tickets for each game and redeemed them for fun prizes. Everybody wins at the Carver!

bufalo soldier re-enactment

Our official "Buffalo Soldier", Rouzan Barton, appeared on the front page of The Austin American Statesman, Sunday, June 17th, Metro Section.

For this year's historical re-creation, our official "Buffalo Soldier", Rouzan Barton, spoke to all comers about the life and skills of these rugged frontiersmen.

bazaar at the 2012 juneteenth celebrations

An interesting "mini-Bazaar was created for this event with many great and unique items available.

vw\endors at 2012 Juneteenth

vendors at the 2012 Juneteenth

Locally made arts & crafts were proudly on view. Together, with great vendors who happily participated, the Carver staff created a one day "Village Bazaar". Some booths sold Afro-centric arts and crafts, while others offered more recent fashion statements. Of course, we had our specially designed 2012 tee-shirt by our resident artist, Robert Jones, available. Volunteers handed out free magical blue drinking cups that changed color to purple with cold lemonade inside. What's better way to cool off on a sunny Austin afternoon than free watermelon for everyone.

staff of Carver

Some of our staff , Para and her daughter Terrie, Bob, sporting his great 2012 official tee-shirt design and Danita.

The George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center prides itself on being one of the Nation's foremost advocate for recognizing and celebrating Juneteenth. The museum's permanent exhibit has been instrumental in promoting this Texas festivity into a nationally celebrated event marking the great emancipation.

Gerorge Washington Carver Museum

The Carver's comprehensive exhibit on Juneteenth is available for viewing year round. Please see our blog for daily hours of operation.