Lady Bird Lake

Mar 12, 2013 - 10:34 am

A woman walking thorugh the winding paths next to  Lady Bird Lake.  A bird swims in the water a few feet away.

Winding through downtown Austin, Lady Bird Lake and its wooded shoreline provide an amazing ‘get away’ from the bustle of city life for both people and a wide array of wildlife. The lakeshore hosts activities as diverse as outdoor concerts at Auditorium Shores and moments of quiet reflection at Redbud Isle.


Two men fishing off the shores of Lady bird lake. The fishers have waded several feet into the water.


A woman starring at an eroded bank before the establishment of a grow zone.

Degraded riparian zone


A mother and her son planting seeds on the banks of Lady Bird Lake.

November 2012 Planting tree seedlings with Austin Parks Foundation volunteers.


A bird sitting on a No Mow Zone sign.

Grow Zone signs



Controlling the invasive giant cane, Arundo - these plants create dense monocultures along the lakeshore, limiting native habitat needed for wide variety of organisms. Native trees are planted after giant cane is removed.

A large patch of Arundo next to the lake prior to controlling the growth.

Arundo stand, prior to control