Level up your zero-waste influencer game during Earth Month

Apr 6, 2021 - 4:29 pm

By: Ashley Pace

With April being Earth Month, it is the perfect time to level up your own environmental influencer status and help the City spread the word about our zero waste goal. Here are some simple things you can do: 

1. Set your City of Austin green composting cart to the curb every week.  

It’s time to apply the social pressure. We know that nearly half of what Austinites are sending to the landfill is compostable and, with our current composting set-out numbers averaging only 30 percent, we need help. Behavioral research shows that Austin Resource Recovery customers are more likely to set out their green composting cart if they see their neighbors doing it. Even if you have the only green cart on the block, and it only has a few measly scraps in it, set it out every week. This simple task may be just the nudge needed to get your neighbors to take the step themselves. 

2. Become a Zero Waste Block Leader.  

Join our fellowship of environmentally-minded Austinites and learn how to become a zero-waste guru for your community. We offer in-depth training, access to social media kits and print materials, tours of processing facilities and more. The program allows you to choose your desired level of involvement, while offering support and resources to help you be successful. Our Block Leaders are a vital piece of our strategy to reach zero waste and joining is a great way to get started on your journey to making an epic impact. The next orientation for Zero Waste Block Leaders is April 24.  

3. Follow and share our social content.

If you aren’t a joiner, another way you can help is by simply following our social accounts and sharing the content we post (@AustinRecycles on Facebook). Doing so is a super easy and effective way for us and you to mutually benefit from each other. You get the benefit of daily tips, tricks and environmentally focused content, and we get the benefit of additional reach beyond our own social media following. It’s a win/win. 

You'll be influencing those around you to live a zero waste lifestyle in no time.