Medic JC Ferguson wins the NAED International Dispatcher of the Year Award

Apr 25, 2013 - 1:38 pm

Austin-Travis County EMS congratulates Medic JC Ferguson for winning the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED) International Dispatcher of the Year Award!  The NAED International Dispatcher of the Year Award identifies and recognizes individuals who have made the most significant contributions to further the values and mission of the Academies through personal action.

The award is bestowed annually to the NAED certified emergency dispatcher who has most successfully demonstrated the values and mission of the Academies.  In his 2 years with the Austin-Travis County EMS Communications team, JC has exemplified the values and qualities of his profession and contributed to the team’s success in many ways.  JC maintains near perfect compliance every month and sets a shining example of the most desirable characteristics in an EMD. He always puts the patient and caller first, displaying exceptional customer service.  JC also takes the time to improve the patient care provided by our system by asking questions to the QA/QI team, researching policy and procedure, and always striving to help better our team of dispatchers. 

Even though JC is not currently in a training role with the department, he discusses protocols and situations with his co-workers, helping others prepare for the often scary and difficult 911 calls they encounter in their positions. His performance shows he can manage the worst calls imaginable, displaying an ability to work under the most stressful situations while maintaining compliance with the protocol and a superior level of professionalism.

JC is an exemplary employee who displays the values of the Academies in an outstanding way.  His performance and dedication distinguishes him above the rest and we are extremely proud to have him as part of the ATCEMS Communications team.  Congratulations JC Ferguson, International Dispatcher of the Year!