What's New in Colony Park?

Mar 30, 2018 - 3:25 pm

After receiving a $3 million federal planning grant, Colony Park has been working on exciting plans for upcoming neighborhood development. With a better, more livable community initiative, the city hopes to gather feedback from the community and begin implementing the Master Plan.

There are two phases when it comes to starting a new community development.  In Phase I, the city adopts a Master Plan with design guidelines and community vision catered to the needs of the area.  The next step is to approve the developer who will execute the Master Plan.  So, in Phase II the search for a developer begins with a Request for Qualifications process.  After searching through candidates, the City of Austin has narrowed down to one finalist, Catellus Development Corporation, LLC.

The selection process isn't finalized quite yet, though. A Request for Proposal is now in motion as Catellus Development Corporation prepares to present their development plans to the community. In upcoming public meetings, the community will have a chance to give input and share their vote that will contribute to the final decision on the Colony Park Sustainable Community development partner.

One event we highly encourage attending is the Your Community, Your Voice meeting on Thursday, May 24 at 6:30-8:00pm (Click Here for information). This event is a great opportunity to let the city know what your thoughts are on the new development. There will be free food, games, a photo exhibition, and more that will bring the community together for family fun. In addition, an exclusive screening from Catellus will be shown to all who attend. Come out to learn all about exciting city plans moving forward in 2018!