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It's DIY Time! — We love this easy DIY because not only can you create a reusable bag but it keeps unwanted t-shirts out of landfills.

Items needed: t-shirt and scissors

1) Lay out your shirt on a flat surface.

Image of step 1: laying out a shirt on a flat surface


2) Starting with the shoulders, carefully cut the sleeves off your t-shirt

image of step 2: starting with shoulders, carefully cut off sleeves


3) Cut off the neck collar of your t-shirt to make a large opening for your bag.

Image of step 3: cut the neck collar to make a large opening for your bag.


4) Cut slits into the bottom of the t-shirt through both layers. Make sure the slits allow for the t-shirt ends to tie.

Image of step 4: cut slits into the bottom t-shirt through both layers.


5) Tie each slit together

Image of step 5: tie each slit together


6) All done! Enjoy your new bag!

Image of step 6: You're done! Enjoy your new bag!

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