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Tuning Up The Airport Construction Update

Four of the 13 vestibules, the main glass entry / exit ways to the Barbara Jordan Terminal, are renovated, providing more room for passengers and their luggage. The next vestibule to be renovated will be on the lower level west end. The newest restaurant at the airport Second Bar + Kitchen ABIA held its grand opening ceremony near Gate 7.

Vestibule renovations transitions to Phase II

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has opened four remodeled vestibules. These are the automatic sliding-glass entrances and exits to the Barbara Jordan Terminal.  The new vestibules are located near the upper-level Checkpoint 1 and 2 terminal entrances and in bag clam near International arrivals and Customs, and in front of carousel 5.

This is Phase I of the upgrade to modernize and replace the 13 vestibule entrances at the Austin airport. With the new vestibules, passengers will immediately notice that there is now 19.4 feet of space between the inside and outside doors, 10 feet more than the current vestibules at 9.4 feet.

The vestibules act as an airlock between the outside and inside environment. They aid in reducing cold and hot air drafts, enhancing energy performance and reducing energy costs. Flooring at the entries has recessed grates to capture dirt and moisture from being tracked into the building.

Phase II is set to begin and includes the closing and renovation of the lower level vestibule in front of the Badging and ID / Lost & Found office near SuperShuttle. The vestibule will be closed to foot traffic with a construction wall to allow for the upgrade that is part of the airports overall terminal improvement plan.

Second Bar + Kitchen ABIA holds official grand opening

Second Bar + Kitchen, a new American style restaurant, held its grand opening program on Oct. 10 with a tasting, live music and ribbon cutting program. Created and founded by award winning Chef David Bull, the Second Bar + Kitchen airport location mirrors the critically-acclaimed Austin establishment with an eclectic menu and Texas flavors.

The 1,939 square foot restaurant located near Gate 7 has seating for 66 patrons. It was designed using modern lighting with large scale pipe fixtures, metal drum shades and woven geometric pendant lights. Rich wood floors, leather upholstery and industrial style chairs where used in creating the restaurants appeal.


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