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Making A Difference

Dear Sirs - I wanted to let the APD and Police Chief Manley know that they have two officers, Officer Lupe Perez, #7327, and Officer Ritchie, #7327, who excelled in their service to the community. I had not heard from my daughter in nearly two months, and filed a Request to Locate Report just this week. In advance of calling 911 to have APD officers meet me to try and look for her in the woods where I last knew she was (she is homeless by choice.) There I encountered Officer Perez, and I told him all about my missing daughter. Officer Ritchie showed up a little later, and they took the time to visit with me for over 30 minutes, taking detailed notes. As part of this saga, I relayed to the officers that there was an "ex-boyfriend" of my daughters who may be with her, and that he was a fugitive from justice in Missouri, having jumped bail. I knew this because his bail bondsman had called me, due to my daughter having signed on his bond. Long story short, not only did they find my daughter the next day in the greenbelt (although miraculously she had called me not 30 minutes after I had left the officers, which I alerted them that I had heard from her, so as to remove the BOLO and RTLR), but they arrested this man, and got a bad actor off the street. This was even more appreciated since my daughter would have been facing felony charges for signing on his bond (at least that is what the bondsman told me) if he had not been caught. Suffice it to say that all we ever seem to hear about is when someone has an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement. I wanted to give kudos for a job well done, to two officers who genuinely cared - and not just about arresting criminals, but even more so about a father worried sick about his only daughter. I will never forget Officers Perez and Ritchie. God bless them both.  



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