Dec 09, 2019 - 04:02 pm CST

This week has been a whirlwind kind of week for me. I worked my internship less because it was my last week of college!! I had an exam, two essays, a presentation and a final photography critique due and boy, was I busy.

I have graduation celebrations this weekend with my family, and I am looking forward to celebrating with them! Everyone here at the Economic Development Department was super understanding and let me work less hours so I could study and get things wrapped up. My photo of the week is the photos I printed and hung for my photography critique on Thursday. I worked with a partner, so we had double the photos to hang, and we took up most of a wall. I am super proud of this last project, it included photos of my favorite people, place, and, of course, my pets made an appearance.

Work at the city mostly included social media and meetings. I went to a social media training on Monday at City Hall that gave me a lot of ideas for more original content I will be scheduling (so keep an eye out for that). On Wednesday, the Economic Development Department had a “Connect + Share” meeting where all the divisions presented on what they have been working on. It was a really nice way for me to meet new people and get more of an idea of what other people at the city are doing. This next one is going to be a busy one because the department is going through some staff changes so I will be really hitting the pavement running to get things in order, and I am excited to see what’s next!