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Draft 3 of CodeNEXT -- the Staff Recommendation -- will be released by Feb. 12, 2018, with an anticipated Council first reading in late April 2018. Draft 3 initially was slated for release Nov. 28.

The new release date will give staff the time needed to consider the comments and concerns we received to date regarding Draft 2.

Public input on Draft 2 officially ended Oct. 31. Staff is working through the comments received to date to help inform Draft 3. All future comments on CodeNEXT will be gathered for the purpose of informing the commissions' and Council's policy discussions.

The updated timeline is outlined in a memo sent out to the Austin City Council Thursday, Nov. 16. The memo also includes a summary of the Draft 2 Community Open Houses and information about the Council Q&A webpage.

For more on the summary of Draft 2 Community Open Houses, see our blog.


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