The fees are based on number of sleep rooms in the establishment. They are $430 + $21 per sleep room. Fees are prorated by quarter. All fees are non-refundable.

By law, a residentially zoned structure cannot house more than six (6) people. In 2017, a plan was put in place to allow residentially zoned properties to legally obtain Rooming/Boarding House licenses. In order to do this, a person with a disability or someone representing a person with a disability must submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request to a City of Austin employee. The RA Request form can be downloaded at These can be turned in directly to the City of Austin Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Office or to the Austin Code Department with the Operating License Application.

Please see for more information about the Rooming/Boarding House program.

The payment options are: 

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • ONLINE Credit Card
  • ONLINE e-Check

All Payment are made to “City of Austin”

No. To use this website, you MUST set up a Tax Account with the City Controller. This means that you would have to turn in a “zero report” every quarter to prove that you do not need to pay Hotel Occupancy Taxes. Please choose another payment method.

All new establishments must provide a complete application, a Certificate of Occupancy, and proof of payment of their Hotel Occupancy Taxes (if applicable). (NOTE: Hotel Occupancy Taxes are only paid if your tenants stay for UNDER 30 days.)

The license is good until Dec 31 of the year of issuance. All fees for the next year’s license are due by that day.

The license is non-transferable. If a change of ownership occurs, the new owner must fill out a new application and submit all required paperwork and fees.

An inspector will contact you to schedule a time for an annual inspection. It does not need to occur before a license is renewed. However, if the establishment is being licensed for the first time, an inspection will need to be scheduled and passed before issuance of that first license.

Yes. All establishments with 7 or more unrelated individuals living in it MUST be licensed.

You will still need to be licensed by the City of Austin.