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Consultant & Contractor Performance Evaluation 2017 Enhancements (Beginning July 3, 2017)


In 2015, Austin achieved the distinction of being the first (and only) city in the United States to receive a “City of Media Arts” designation from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and CulturalOrganization). The designation underscores Austin’s reputation as a trendsetting global city at the intersection of art, music, and digital technology, and an international hub for creative exchange.

On Nov. 7, 2006, Austin voters approved a $567.4 million bond program to fund capital improvements.

In 2008, Austin Water conducted a comprehensive study to update and improve its methods for determining fair and defensible rates for its services.

If you require assistance reading these files, please call the Water Quality Laboratory at 512.972.1450.

On Nov. 2, 2010, Austin voters approved a $90 million bond program fund mobility improvements.

Water Quality Reports for Major Industrial Users. Monthly and Quarterly Summaries of water quality parameters in finished drinking water.

Water Quality Reports for Major Industrial Users. Monthly and Quarterly Summaries of water quality parameters in finished drinking water.

As a collaborative partnership with Austin Water, the Joint Committee will assist in developing recommendations for short-term and long-term financial plans to strengthen the financial stability of Austin Water Utility.

Austin Water conducted a Cost of Service (COS) rate study of its water, wastewater, and reclaimed water rates in 2016. The process entailed a comprehensive review of the methodology used to allocate costs amongst customer classes and to update and improve the methods for determining fair and defensible rates of utility services. The rate study included extensive public involvement from our retail and wholesale customer class committees and the public.



The City of Austin takes pride in the collective vision of being the most livable and best managed city in the country, as seen in our values:

Public Service & Engagement

Responsibility & Accountability

Innovation & Sustainability

We work to help everyone walk and bike around Austin safely, comfortably and conveniently as they travel to work, school, run errands, exercise and have fun. Our street design projects improve city streets to better serve people of all ages and abilities as they drive, walk, bike and take transit.

The Administrative Division provides customer service support to NHCD and AHFC staff.

Welcome to the Austin Police Department Air Support Unit. Please take the time to look through our website and learn more about our unit and its personnel.

The Air Support Unit currently has two helicopter pilots and three tactical flight officers.  Patrol missions are flown with one pilot and one tactical flight officer.  All unit helicopter pilots are dual rated in both airplanes and helicopters, with at least a commercial rating in each area. The unit is in the process of training several pilots for their fixed wing ratings.

AFD has had a presence at Bergstrom since cargo operations started in 1998, even before the facility opened for commercial air travel, with the Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue (AFR) station.

The Alarm Administration Unit is committed to improving public safety through advocating for the reduction of false alarms by administering the Alarm Ordinance, providing educational resources and community outreach initiatives and facilitating the establishment of partnerships between law enforcement, the alarm industry and the citizens of Austin.

According to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a public entity that has a minimum of 50 employees is required to designate an individual to oversee their compliance of the ADA.

The Austin Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit has both an enforcement and investigative branch. The Animal Cruelty Unit is composed of (1) Sergeant, (2) Detectives, and (1) Civilian Specialist. The Animal Cruelty Unit is housed at the Animal Services Center and works closely with the staff of the Animal Services Office.

The Austin Police Department Emergency Communications Division encourages all qualified men and women to apply with one of the top law enforcement agencies in the nation. As an Austin Police Communications employee, you will have the opportunity to assist the citizens of our diverse community.  The Austin Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City of Austin is committed to compliance with the American's with Disabilities Act.                       



AARC Main Banner

The mission of the Asian American Resource Center (AARC) is to provide spaces, services, resources, and programs through an Asian American Pacific Islander perspective. The vision is to empower Austin's diverse communities through cultural understanding and life-enhancing opportunities.

This lot was acquired to construct a single family home just blocks from the Central Business District of Downtown Austin and will provide for long-term affordability -- 99 years.

The O. Henry Museum is the former residence of William Sydney Porter, otherwise known as O. Henry, the short story writer who authored such classics as “The Gift of the Magi,” “The Ransom of Red Chief,” and “The Last Leaf.” The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts and archival materials relative to Porter for literary, educational, and historical purposes. Through exhibits, programs, and tours, the museum focuses on Porter’s Austin years, during which he wrote his earliest stories.

The African American Cultural and Heritage Facility in East Austin is stimulating business and economic development and adds to the area’s cultural significance with programming for arts, culture and entertainment.

Applicant assistance is available at this location.

Alamo Recreation Center offers year-round programming for senior citizens, adults, and teens. Activities include computer labs, senior citizens program open for anyone 60 or over and community special events.

In the heart of Austin is the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake, a lush, urban path that meanders along the water’s edge and passes by skyscrapers, neighborhoods, ball fields and cultural attractions. With the completion of the Boardwalk portion of the Trail in June 2014, the 1.3 mile gap along the south shore has been closed, and the Trail now serves our city in an additional way – as an alternative transportation route for our growing urban core.

This project involved acquisition and conversion of a former extended stay hotel into a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) housing facility serving formerly homeless and very low income single persons.

See the contact details for Employment Assistance at the Asian American Resource Center.