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Corridor Program Office

The mission of the Corridor Program Office is to design and construct corridors that support mobility, livability, and other outcomes as outlined by the Austin City Council for the 2016 Mobility Bond Program.

Corridors are key roadways that affect the overall  transportation network. They are major thoroughfares for getting around, destinations for residents and visitors, and home to businesses as well as many Austinites.

Last year, Austin voters approved $720 million for improvements to transportation and mobility throughout Austin. Of that, $482 million is being invested in corridor improvements. Over the next eight years, our goal is to develop, design and construct the corridor projects funded by the bond.

Corridor Mobility Program

While we work to get webpages set up with information about the 2016 Mobility Bond Corridor Program, check out the Austin Transportation Department's Corridor Mobility Program website.

The Corridor Mobility Plans are preliminary engineering reports that have recommendations to improve mobility, safety, and connectivity for everyone — including people who drive, walk, bike, or take transit. So far, the City of Austin, with the help of the community, has developed five plans for six corridors in Austin, with a sixth plan nearing completion.Two more plans are being developed right now as part of the 2016 Mobility Bond Program.

2016 Mobility Bond

Visit the 2016 Mobility Bond website for information about what is being funded through the $720 million transportation and mobility bond measure.

Slaughter Lane, William Cannon Drive, Brodie Lane

The City of Austin has kicked off development of Mobility Plans for Slaughter Lane, William Cannon Drive, and Brodie Lane. Design and construction of some recommendations for improvements on Slaughter Lane and/or William Cannon Drive, which will be outlined in the Mobility Plans, will be funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond. Recommendations for improvements on Brodie Lane will be considered for future funding opportunities.

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