Visitors of all ages can experience and learn about a wide variety of awesome wildlife, hosted in a zoo setting, through touring the Wildlife Exhibits.  By partnering with licensed rehabilitators many of these animals are given a permanent home. Some are former pets that have imprinted on humans and others have injuries that prevent them from surviving in the wild. At the Austin Nature & Science Center (ANSC) these amazing animals can live out their lives receiving daily care, grooming, quality food, medication and veterinary assistance.

The exhibits are open to the public during regular visitor hours with no entry fee.

ANSC Animal Friend, Kristin (day camper for the 1980's) since 2020


Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey at ANSC

Through a federal permitting system, the ANSC is privileged to provide homes to injured Central Texas birds for educational purposes.  Visitors experience them up-close and learn about these awesome, incredible birds.

Small Wonders

Closure Notice: The Small Wonders exhibit is closed for renovations.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Small Wonders at ANSC

The Small Wonders building design takes you on a journey along a small creek starting at a local backyard and ending with the Texas Hill Country. You will view terrariums, aquariums and other enclosures containing animals that may live in your neighborhood or surrounding counties.

Wildlife Exhibits

Mammal Enclosures at ANSC

The ANSC is home to a variety of live animals.  Visitors can learn all about these unusual neighbors living right in their own backyard and surrounding areas.  Many of these animals are imprinted on humans as former pets, orphaned or injured and could not survive in the wild. At the ANSC they live out their lives receiving dedicated, daily care from our wildlife keepers. 

Resident Wildlife Supply Needs

Donations of new (never used) items may be dropped off at the Visitor Pavilion during business hours.  Receipt for donation available on request.  For questions about resident wildlife supplies please call 512-974-3894.

Thank you for your donation and support!

Food and Consumables

Dog Food (adult maintenance)

Rabbit Chow

Aquatic Turtle Food Sticks

Dog Biscuits

Tropical Fish Food Flakes

Wild Bird Seed Mixes

Meal Worms (bagged)

Timothy Hay (bagged)

Pine Cones (bagged, unscented and not decorated)

Laundry Detergent (not HE type)

Light Bulbs (standard size, screw-in base, UV preferred)

Dishwashing Liquid

Litter (non-clumping)

Carefresh Pet Bedding

Pine or Aspen Wood Shavings

Cat Litter (scoopable clay)

Bark Mulch (2 or 3 cubic foot bagged)

Seashells (bagged, pre-cleaned)

Tools and Equipment

Pet Food Bowls (stainless steel)

Plastic Litter Box (kitten sized)


Boomer Ball (10" size of smaller)

Kong Toys (small or medium size)

Bird Toys

Rabbit and Ferret Toys

Digital Infant Scale

Handheld Vacuum (cordless)

Clamp Light

Electric Washer and Dryer (stackable or front loader preferred)

Plastic Aquarium Plants

Towels (hand or bath sized)


NOTE: Please specify monetary donations as "ANSC Wildlife Supplies"

Mail or drop off your donation: Austin Nature & Science Center, 301 Nature Center Drive, Austin, TX 78746

ANSC Wildlife Sponsorship Program