The Design Standards and Mixed Use Ordinance (Subchapter E of the Land Development Code) is comprised of three primary components:

  1. Site Development Standards, addressing sidewalks, pedestrian connectivity, parking, lighting, and more;
  2. Building Design Standards, addressing features of buildings; and
  3. Mixed-Use Standards, addressing residential, office, and retail uses within a single, pedestrian-oriented structure or district.

The standards are intended to raise the level of quality for all non-residential and mixed-use development, but within a regulatory structure offering options and flexibility, not strict requirements. New development is subject to a set of minimum site and building design standards, recognizing that all new development, regardless of size, should be subject to minimum standards. The regulations foster a built environment of aesthetic and sustainable value, enhance economic development efforts, promote Austin’s unique character and natural environment, and ensure an efficient development review process.

Additional information about the Design Standards and Mixed Use provisions can be found online.

Training on Design Standards and Mixed Use - Subchapter E of the Land Development Code explains how to raise the quality of nonresidential and mixed use development in Austin by providing minimum standards for site and building design.