Development and consulting information provided by the Development Services Department.



Development Assistance Center

The Development Assistance Center (DAC) serves as the initial interface between the community and the department. Members of the community can come to DAC with questions and receive consulting information.

Building Plan Review

Many residential and commercial projects require a building plan review to be completed before permits can be issued. Building plans are reviewed for compliance with City of Austin Land Development Code (LDC).

Neighborhood Assistance Center

The Neighborhood Assistance Center was created in response to requests from Austin neighborhoods that the City provide them with the resources and support they needed in order to deal with the rapid densification and growth of Austin.

Site Plans & Subdivision Review

A team of technical and professional staff within the Land Use Review division reviews application plans for compliance with the core provisions of the LDC.

The Site and Subdivision Inspection Division performs the initial inspection of all public infrastructure on commercial sites, and ensures the required site work for water TAP and right of way (ROW) work is in compliance with City requirements. Once completed, a certificate of compliance is issued to the property owner and the site development permit is considered closed.

Trees (City Arborist)

The City Arborist Program is responsible for issuing tree permits for residential and commercial properties in compliance with the LDC.

(Chapter 245) HB 1704