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Stephanie Y. Hayden

Stephanie Hayden was appointed Director of Austin Public Health in March 2018.

Philip Huang, MD, MPH

Dr. Huang has served as the Medical Director and Health Authority for Austin Public Health since April 2008.

Adrienne Sturrup

Adrienne Sturrup was appointed Assistant Director over the Health Equity and Community Engagement Division in October 2018. She had served as Interim Assistant Director since May 2017.



Don Hastings

Don Hastings was appointed Assistant Director of the Environmental Health Services Division in April of 2017.

Donna Sundstrom

Donna Sundstrom has served as the Assistant Director for the Community Services Division since September 2016.  She is responsible for the department's community service programs.

Janet Pichette

Janet Pichette serves as the Chief Epidemiologist and leads the Epidemiology and Public Health Preparedness Division, which includes Epidemiology, Public Health Preparedness, BioWatch, and the Office of Vital Records. 

Kymberley Maddox

Kymberley Maddox serves as the Assistant Director for Administrative Support Services since October 2015. She formerly was Chief Administrative Officer.

Carole Barasch

Carole Barasch has served as Manager of Communications and Community Development for Austin Public Health since 2006.  She is responsible for the department’s strategic messaging, media relations and risk communications.