The Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan looks out into a 10-year or longer planning horizon and provides the basis for identifying both ongoing capital needs and strategic opportunities for capital investment.

The Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan is a document produced by the City of Austin and released each spring that takes a data-driven, collaborative approach to long-range planning for the Capital Improvement Program.

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Each year, the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Manager about projects necessary or desirable to implement the City's comprehensive plan, Imagine Austin. The Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan is a tool to help the Commission make its recommendation, which usually takes the form of a letter that is included in the final plan. In addition to the recommendation letter, it contains:

Introduction to the Capital Improvement Program: An easy-to-understand explanation of what the Capital Improvement Program is, the key drivers for capital investment, and how it’s funded.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment: A summary of citywide infrastructure condition information to help inform and prioritize infrastructure needs for funding opportunities.

Strategic Investment Analysis: A geospatial analysis that shows the intersection of City initiatives—where plans and policy direct us to invest—and identified capital needs.

Rolling Needs Assessment: Annually updated list of long-term, unfunded Capital Improvement Needs throughout the city, organized by infrastructure category.

Conclusions and Strategies: Analysis and summary of long-range capital improvement needs as well as strategies for future direction of the Capital Improvement Program.

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Download the FY 2019-21 Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan (current plan)

Download Past Plans:

FY 2017-18 Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan

FY 2016-17 Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan

FY 2015-16 Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan

FY 2014-15 Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan

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