Part of the Watershed Protection Department’s Oak Springs property will continue to be closed to the public to establish vegetation. We have removed multiple trees that had died or were hazardous. We also removed invasive species, trash and debris. In addition, Public Works constructed a sidewalk.

Community Survey

We conducted a survey to develop long-term management plans for the Oak Springs property, which closed in June 2020. Survey results will be available in 2020. We are planning more opportunities for community feedback.


There are two parts to the Oak Springs property. A trio of springs surrounded by woods and open space lies to the north of Oak Springs Blvd. This is the area that will be closed for maintenance. A wet pond and a detention pond are located to the south of Oak Springs Drive. This area will remain open to the public.

Map showing Oak Springs area

Maintenance Project

The open space area contained several trees that posed a safety hazard to users of the site. We could not safely remove these trees without closing the site to the public. A significant amount of trash and debris were also present. While we had the site closed off, we took the opportunity to remove this trash as well as invasive species. We reseeded the more open area with shade tolerant native grasses and wildflowers in early 2020, but the new plants failed to get established. We are planning to reseed again in the fall of 2020. We will keep the site closed until the new vegetation gets established. We hope to reopen the area in May 2021.

Public Works has also constructed a sidewalk while the site was closed off. The sidewalk is part of the 2016 Mobility Bond.

Picture showing trail through open space area.

Scope of Work

  • Installing a temporary fence and signage
  • Removing brush, debris, and trash
  • Removing dead and/or hazardous trees
  • Removing invasive plants such as ligustrum and chinaberry
  • Constructing a sidewalk
  • Revegetation


Work began in August 2019 and has been mostly completed. We expect the property to reopen in May 2021, once new vegetation is established.