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Austin Parks and Recreation Media

The Parks and Recreation Department currently supports all media efforts through the PARD Marketing and Communications Unit. The mission of the Marketing and Communications Unit is to provide transparent, accurate information and communications to the Austin Community. The unit’s vision is to connect parks and people. The goal is to ensure the transparent accurate and timely transfer of information.

Annual Report

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Annual Report FY 2013

Annual Report FY 2011-2012

Marketing Plan FY 2011-2012

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The department’s internal communications matrix highlights the use of Department newsletters, electronic notifications to employees, surveys, training classes, one-on-one meetings, division meetings, emergency communications systems, interdepartmental communications, leadership team meetings, and informational staff meetings.  The external communications component includes formal and official communications to higher levels of the city, boards and commissions, community collaborations, social media communications, communications with other City of Austin departments, media relations, public relations, media surveys and public engagement communications.