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Codes and Regulations

This page contains links to the City Code, Land Development Code, and other development-related resources. For information on the Imagine Austin priority program to revise the Land Development Code and its subdivision regulations, visit the project page.

The Design Standards and Mixed Use Ordinance (Subchapter E of the Land Development Code) is comprised of three primary components: 1) Site Development Standards, addressing sidewalks, pedestrian connectivity, parking, lighting, and more; 2) Building Design Standards, addressing features of buildings; and 3) Mixed-Use Standards, addressing residential, office, and retail uses within a single, pedestrian-oriented structure or district.

Questions regarding fences are common. This page has some helpful information on fencing and its regulation in the City of Austin.

The City of Austin’s Restricted Front Yard and Side Yard Parking ordinance prohibits parking a motor vehicle in the front or side yard of a residence except in a driveway or a paved parking space.

This page provides information on how a Neighborhood Planning Contact Team or a Neighborhood Association can adopt additional regulations that regulate the distance and hours of operation of mobile food trailers near residential areas.

The Residential Design and Compatibility or "McMansion" regulations, were designed to minimize the impact of new construction, remodels, and additions to existing buildings on surrounding properties in residential neighborhoods by defining an acceptable building area for each lot within which new development may occur.  The standards were adopted to protect the character of Austin's older neighborhoods by ensuring that new construction, remodels, and additions are compatible in scale and bulk with existing neighborhoods.  There may be additional pertinent regulations to consider.

Per the Austin City Code, city departments may adopt "rules" to implement, administer, enforce, or comply with the City Code, an ordinance, or another law for which the department is responsible. Rules have been broadly interpreted to include applications, specifications and interpretations used by a department.

The land development rules are contained within the Technical Criteria Manuals.

This page contains links to regulations that replace zoning in areas where compact, walkable and mixed-use development is desired.

The City of Austin's Technical Criteria Manuals were created to interpret and specify the requirements established in the Land Development Code (Volumes 3 & 4 of the City's Code of Ordinances).