Commercial customers who currently pay a wastewater surcharge may request that their business be resampled and their surcharge reassessed. The wastewater surcharge only applies to permitted businesses discharging extra-strength wastewater. 

Customers must make resampling requests by email to:; or in writing to: Austin Water's Pretreatment Program 3907 S. Industrial Drive, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78744. Should Austin Water grant the request, re-sampling will consist of two sample collections on two separate, but consecutive, days. The newly calculated surcharge will be used for future utility bills only; no credits or debits would be applied retroactively.

Depending on if there has been a major change in the pretreatment device(s) or the elimination of a waste-producing device, the following requirements would apply:

If no major changes have occurred:

  • The customer will be responsible for resampling and analysis costs as described in the current City of Austin Approved Fee Schedule.
  • Payment must be received before resampling, which shall be scheduled within 30 working days after payment receipt. Austin Water Utility may deny the resampling request, or delay resampling (with notification to the customer) if resources to meet customer demands are limited.
  • New resampling results plus historical data from up to three previous calendar years of will be averaged to calculate the new surcharge.
  • Customers may gain approval for only one resampling per calendar year.

If the customer documents a major change in pretreatment devices or the elimination of a waste-producing device:

  • The resampling will be performed at no additional cost to the customer.
  • The new surcharge calculated would be based on the new re-sampling results only.