Site plan and subdivision applications are reviewed for compliance with Austin's development regulations as provided in the Land Development Code (LDC). Subdivision regulations are in Chapter 25-4 and Title 30 of the LDC. Site Plan regulations are in Chapter 25-5 of the LDC.

A team of technical and professional staff in Land Use Review reviews application plans for compliance with the core provisions of the Land Development Code (LDC) for requirements including zoning, design standards, subdivision, drainage/floodplain, water quality, transportation, environmental review, erosion control, and mitigation and/or protection of protected or heritage trees. Review of plans is also coordinated with other city departments such as Austin Energy, Austin Water Utility, Austin Fire Department, Public Works, Right-of-Way (ROW), Utility Coordination, and Accessibility. Reviews are also coordinated with agencies including the county, school districts, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Capital Metro and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).


  • Environmental Review - Comprehensive review of a development's impact on the environment prior to permitting. Elements include:
    • Tree and natural area protection
    • Landscaping
    • Construction on slopes
    • Erosion protection
    • Impervious cover
    • Critical environmental features
  • Transportation Review
    • Parking Layout & Ratios - Specific requirements for parking facilities are provided in Chapter 25-6, Article 7 of the LDC. Supplemental guidelines are in Section 9 of the Transportation Criteria Manual.
    • Traffic Impact Analysis(TIA) - Information on projected traffic expected from a proposed development. A TIA also evaluates the impact of proposed development on the roadways in the immediate proximity of the proposed development and should identify potential traffic operational problems/concerns and recommend appropriate actions to address them. TIA requirements apply to each individual lot when an application is made to zone or rezone the lot or for site plan approval to develop the lot.
    • Neighborhood Traffic Analysis - a simplified TIA assessing the impact of a proposed project on residential streets. A neighborhood TIA is limited to an evaluation of existing and projected operating levels of residential streets and identification of measures needed to minimize the impact on traffic. Specific ordinance requirements for TIAs are provided in Chapter 25-6, Article 3 of the City Code and Section 2 of the Transportation Criteria Manual.
    • For new subdivisions, public infrastructure such as streets and utilities must have been accepted before building permits are issued.
  • City Arborist & Urban Forestry - Tree reviews, tree permits and inspections
  • Water Quality/Drainage Review - Pre-construction review for water quality and drainage for site and subdivision plans to assure compliance with the LDC. Site development permits for subdivisions and site plans are issued at the time of plan approval and related fiscal surety has been secured. Any construction, whether site or building, requires a permit to be issued before construction begins. Elements of this review include:
    • The pattern & quantity of stormwater discharge to assure no adverse impacts
    • The control of water quality to assure compliance with the LDC
    • Assurance that stormwater discharge does not cause downstream erosion
    • Determination of drainage easement requirements
    • Modification of floodplain (FEMA & City of Austin fully developed 100-year floodplain)
    • Geometry (horizontal & vertical) of roadway design (local & collector streets)
    • Pavement Design
    • Inlet design

Land Use Review is located at 505 Barton Springs Road, One Texas Center, 4th Floor. 512-978-4000.