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CodeNEXT: What to expect in 2015

Top 10 Issues with the Code

Watch 11 mini videos to understand the "Code Diagnosis" conducted by Opticos Design.


This is a short video (1:30 seconds) recapping the Cracking the Code event held on May 19, 2014.

CodeTALK: Exploring Compatibility (June 2014)

Learn from people familiar with compatibility challenges in Austin. There's some Q&A at the end of this video from June 12, 2014. Also, listen to audio from the second event on June 14, 2014.

CRACKING THE CODE (full presentation)

This presentation from May 19, 2014, provides an overview of major issues with Austin's Land Development Code in the "Code Diagnosis" and presents the initial "Community Character Manual" in development. Read these documents on the Reports & Documents page.

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CodeNEXT, Shaping the Austin We Imagine

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Imagine Austin in 30 Seconds

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