Posted along the dodgeway entrances to the Bull Creek Nature Preserve you will see signs listing the rules of the Preserve. Available online is a Preserve Rules web page that provides greater detail to those listed. However, as an environmental steward, you should strive to go above and beyond these posted rules in caring for the Preserve ecosystem. This can involve simple actions such as picking up litter or clearing debris from water bars designed to prevent trail erosion.

Stewardship also involves serving as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Preserve. This means reporting the creation of unauthorized trails, vandalism of fences, dodgeways, or signs, and indications of unauthorized use (such as bike tracks or campfire sites) to the Wildland Conservation Division— either through e-mail or by calling 512-972-1662.

Another way to care for the Preserve ecosystem is through volunteering. The Balcones Canyonlands Preserve (BCP) volunteers help with long-term habitat restoration, performing activities such as gathering native seeds and planting native trees and shrubs or helping remove invasive non-native plants. Education is also an important part of stewardship. Learning about the golden-cheeked warbler and the Preserve ecosystem—and sharing that knowledge with others—helps to increase awareness about the BCP and the environment in general. For more information on volunteering and education, visit the  Balcones Canyonlands Preserve website.