Election History

Date of Election: November 2, 2021
Type of Election: Initiative,Special
City Population (at Time of the Election): 978,908
Number of Registered Voters: 883,731
Total Ballots Cast: 156,057
Percent of Registered Voters Who Voted: 17.66%

Proposition A - Ordinance #20210811-010 and 20210902-071
Yes % Yes No % No
49644 31.81% 106413 68.19%
Shall a petitioned ordinance be approved to enhance public safety and police oversight, transparency and accountability by adding new chapter 2-16 to establish minimum standards for the police department to ensure effective public safety and protect residents and visitors to Austin, and prescribing minimal requirements for achieving the same, at an estimated cost of $271.5 million - $598.8 million over five years?

Proposition B - Ordinance #20210811-008
Yes % Yes No % No
110995 73.28% 40481 26.72%
Shall the City Council be authorized to convey or lease approximately 9 acres of parkland currently used as the Central Maintenance Complex (CMC) located at 2525 S. Lakeshore Blvd. through a public bidding process, where the total value of the bid is equal to or greater than the appraised fair market value of CMC, in exchange for at a minimum: 1) at least 48 acres of waterfront land contiguous to an existing City park; and 2) the cost or construction of a new maintenance facility for the Parks and Recreation Department on other city-owned land; and 3) partial or full funding for the removal of Fiesta Gardens’ existing maintenance facility and restoration of that land to parkland?

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