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El Camino Del Corazon Show Poster

El Camino Del Corazón, By Rosy Campanita 
January 24th - March 28th 2020
Currently open for personal tours by artist. Please contact via email to schedule tour:

El Camino del Corazon, The Path of the Heart (Vol.1) documents 13 years of struggle, persistence, and resilience between 2003-2016 –capturing moments borrowed from the universe, fragments of elements loaned by nature and life– as a testimony to signs of a rapidly changing world. A glimpse of these borrowed moments from time lends the viewer a unique social-political perspective from the crossroads of Indigenous struggle, cultural migration, resistance movements, and cultural resilience. The Path of the Heart (Vol. 1) presents the viewer with a roadmap which traces cultural resilience back to the heart.
-Rosy Campanita

Artist Bio:
Rosy Campanita is a queer artist, born to a Mexican immigrant family, and was raised in the culturally rich neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village in Chicago, IL. She studied Fine Art at S.A.I.C(School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and has been documenting cultural life, land struggle, and resilience since 2003 with a focus on Indigenous communities, immigration, and LGBTQI communities throughout the so-called “United States” and Mexico.  Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Rosy has collaborated and partnered with People’s Media Project, Coordenadas.US (online zine), Tiempo de Caracol Art Collective, and is the founder of Pochtekameh Creative Arts Studio. 
*Rosy will include a special memorial to close friends (R.I.P.) Rudy Avina and James Foley with exhibition along with many others that have walked the path of the heart.

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Community Gallery
600 River Street
Austin , TX 78701
United States

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