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You can help reduce waste this holiday season by refining your gift-giving skills. Instead of buying the newest gadget this year, we encourage everyone to create lifelong memories with their loved ones, give gifts with unique pasts and give a great story.

Join us to craft gifts out of books

In this workshop, we will be using every part of discarded books to create two holiday gifts. From the covers, we will be creating a hidden storage area. Give the gift of the perfect place to hide cables, charging stations and remotes. We will then be using the pages of the books to create beautiful wreaths that are sure to make any room more festive. Two gifts, one material, and a great story to give your loved ones this year.

We will have a limited supply of books. Please bring your own, if you are able. Selecting your own books creates a lovely opportunity to personalize your gift to the recipient. Are they a huge mystery fan? Do the titles create a message only known to you both? There are so many ways to add meaning to this gift.

Registration is limited to 30. Reserve your free ticket.

Mask policy: we will follow City masking policies on the day of the event. Currently, we are in Stage 3 of the COVID risk guidance and masks are required while in City buildings. We will update you if that changes.

A wreath crafted out of the pages of a book.

George Washington Carver Museum
1165 Angelina Street
Austin, TX 78702
United States

a wreath made of pages of a book hangs over a fireplace, with a cute dog sitting nearby.