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It's My Park Day at Beverly S Sheffield

Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

The recreational and aesthetic value of the pond at Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park can be improved by increasing the density and diversity of plants along its shore.  More robust vegetation will help take up excess nutrients from the pond, which should reduce the frequency of odor issues and nuisance algae.  It will also provide increased habitat for birds and other organisms associated with small ponds.

Join the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department in planting a diverse array of native plants along the banks of the pond.  We will be planting them in focused areas to maximize visual appeal while maintaining access to the pond edge for park users.

Some tools will be available, but please bring gloves and a trowel or "sharpshooter" shovel if you have them handy.  We won't actually be getting in the pond, so you won't get wet.  But you might wind up a little muddy. Check out to learn more about the Grow Zone program.

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Location Information
Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park
7000 Ardath St
Austin, TX 78757
It's My Park Day
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John Clement