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La Yerba Buena by Peter F. Ortiz

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Peter F. Ortiz was born on December 20th, 1960 in Austin, TX and was raised in the Southeast Austin neighborhood of Montopolis. He developed his artistic style while living in L.A. and New York between 1981-1992, and his experiences in the richness of the arts and cultures in those cities added texture, depth and perspective to the experiences he had while growing up. Ortiz’s current studio is in the same Montopolis neighborhood, adding an important artistic voice to the cultural legacy of his family and to Latino Arts community in Austin.

“I feel my art is to be explored allowing for some interpretation. I absorb information or inspiration on a constant basis and believe subconsciously at the right time, this information will reflect in my work. Inspiration may be the structure of a plant and blossom, light, water or humankind at it’s best or worst, capturing an emotion at that time. I find pleasure in the application of mediums, watching the paint as it leaves my brush, ink as it bleeds into a puddle of water, pastels as they melt onto the surface or pencil appearing to be soft on a surface. This sensory experience even has an influence on the artwork itself. In my images or stories, I describe some as spiritual or earthly matters using people in not so ordinary colors to connect with all races, fish, water and plants. I try not to use contemporary elements or clothing in belief this keeps my work timeless.” - Peter F. Ortiz

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600 River Street
Austin, TX
"La Yerba Buena" by Peter F. Ortiz September 15th - November 25th Gallery Opening Reception Saturday, 9/15/18 6-8pm Sam Z. Coronado Gallery
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