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Parks and Recreation Department has events that are hosted by various recreation centers to celebrate Older Americans Month.  Please click on information below.

Asian American Resource Center

Family Archiving Mini Kits and Virtual Workshop

Date and time: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 10-11a.m. via Zoom


Join us in learning how to store family archives. Together we can remember the past, share our similarities, and celebrate our differences.

Supplies limited, 1 per household, first come first served. Workshop will be in English and Chinese Mandarin. For more information and to sign up for workshop and kit, email Asian American Resource Center at AARC@Austintexas.gov or call us at 512-974-1700.

Alamo Recreation Center

Pavilion Challenge

Date and time: Runs throughout May 2021

Other Details:

Win prizes by submitting photos of yourself at PARD pavilions.  There may be additional pavilions within the city limits of Austin, but you’ll only receive credit for pictures of yourself in outdoor pavilions within official City of Austin parks.

Start your research before you head out using our PARD website.

During the entire month of May, you will find and explore as many pavilions in Austin parks as you can and submit a photo of yourself at each one you visit. You’ll receive one point for each photo you submit at each different pavilion you visit.

Earn extra an extra point for visiting as many different categories of pavilions, for example, picnic pavilions, dance pavilions, basketball pavilions, etc.  Earn an extra point for visiting pavilions that are painted different colors, for example, a red pavilion, a green pavilion, a silver pavilion, or a green pavilion. If you submit pictures of yourself at pavilions that are 4 different colors, you will receive 4 extra points. Earn an extra point If you submit a photo of yourself in our system’s most northern pavilion, most southern pavilion, most eastern pavilion, and most western pavilion. Earn extra points for visiting the oldest PARD pavilion, the newest PARD pavilion, the largest PARD pavilion, and the smallest PARD pavilion. Also earn an extra point by submitting a photo of yourself in the Austin park that houses the most pavilions. Earn an extra point by performing a physical activity (for example, doing a push-up, a pull-up, making a basketball layup, twirling a baton, or playing  catch or hopscotch in your submitted photo.  Be creative, and please remember to pose safely, especially if you are taking a selfie.

With each photo of yourself at a different pavilion, please submit a note describing the date, time, Park location, and the color you think best describes that pavilion.

Don’t want to try this challenge alone?  Pair up with a pavilion partner to go with you to our Austin Park pavilions and take photos of each other’s visit.  Teams of two can submit and be awarded points and prizes  if you prefer to participate that way rather than as an individual. Please be sure to wear masks if you submit pictures of two or more people in a PARD pavilion.

Submit your pavilion photos, along with the following information to receive challenge points – Your name or names (if 2 or more people), the name of the park you took the photo in, the type of pavilion you believe it is (dance, basketball, picnic, etc.), the primary color of the pavilion, special characteristics of the pavilion – e.g. Farthest north, newest, etc., and what strength activity you are attempting in the photos. Send to:  Kenneth.bloomer@austintexas.gov before midnight Monday 31st to be eligible to receive your challenge points.

Prizes to our top 3 older American point winners!  Top winners will receive a PARD pot of gold

Dittmar Recreation Center

Journey Through Time Drive-Thru Event

Date and time: Tuesday, May 25th   10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Location: Dittmar Recreation Center Parking Lot

Other Details:

The parking lot will be split up sequentially into decades, 50’s through 2000’s. Participants will drive the loop around the parking lot, going through each decade. Each decade will be decorated based on the culture of that time period and will feature staff dressed up as specific people who were popular during the decade or in popular attire of the time. Small items will be handed out along the way that coincide with each time period. This event is open to senior participants and their family members of all ages. For more information, please contact Dittmar Recreation Center at (512) 974-6090.

George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center

Driving Down Austin Memory Lane

Date and time: May 11th, 2021 9 -10:30 am

Location: George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center

Other Details:

Seniors will drive-thru center parking lot and stop by at most 7 stations. Each station will have a trivia question about Austin and seniors will get a chance to earn points for prizes!

Spanish:  Manejando por el Carril de la Memoria de Austin

Fecha de Evento: 11 de Mayo, 2021 (evento único)

Hora: 9 -10:30 a.m.

Lugar: George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center

Personas mayores podrán manejar en el parqueo de GMDSRC y parar en máximo de 7 estaciones. Cada estación tendrá una pregunta de trivialidad y tendrán la oportunidad de ganar puntos para premios!

Givens Recreation Center

Green Thumb (drop off or pick up) *Registration required.

Date and time: May 24th 9 a.m.- 1p.m.

Other Details:

Each participant will get a Green Thumb Kit with instructions. Supplies included in kit:

  • Potting Soil 2 pots
  • 2 Seasonal flower(s)
  • 2 Seasonal Vegetable/Fruit
  • Instructions

When we’re able to get back to regular programming, seniors are welcomed to transplant plants they’ve worked on to the garden bed in front of Givens Recreation Center or the garden nearest the parking lot.

To register, or for more information, please contact Givens Recreation Center at 512-974-2430.

Gus Garcia Recreation Center

Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Date and time: Throughout May 2021

Other Details:

Get active and join Gus Garcia as we host our Senior Bingo Scanvenger hunt for the month. Each bingo square will consist of a challenge or activity that can be done around areas in Austin. Pick and chose which activity you want to complete to fill each bingo square on your card. After completion of each activity, be sure to include a picture to submit with you're selected squares. Standard bingo rules apply, and squares can be completed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.

All seniors who submit a completed bingo card will receive a prize for the month of May. One prize will be awarded per participant.

Once registered, please indicate whether you would like to receive your Bingo card by email or if you would like to pick it up from your Senior Activity or Recreation Center of choice.

Special arrangements will be made for any senior that would like a card delivered to their home. For additional information, please contact Gus Garcia Recreation Center at 512-978-2525.

Lamar Senior Activity Center

Event / Program Name: Outdoor Concert

Date and time: Friday, May 28, 2021  9:30am 

Location: Conley-Guerrero Senior Center, 808 Nile St. Austin, TX 78702

Other Details:

Outdoor Concert at Conley-Guerrero Senior Center Pavilion, 808 Nile St., Austin, TX 78702.  Friday, May 28, 2021.  Check-in starts at 9:30a.m.


Mendez Recreation Center

Event / Program Name: Drive-Thru Luau

Date and time: Wednesday, May 26, 2021  10am until supplies last

Location:1621 Nash Hernandez Sr. Road (across from Martin Field)

Other Details:

The Rodolfo “Rudy” Mendez Recreation Center will be hosting a Drive-Thru Luau for older community members on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.  The Drive-Thru Luau will focus on sharing Healthy Living tips.  Participants will receive a healthy snack, flyers and/or promotional items from health-related vendors, tips on how to beat the summer heat and exercise cards.  There will also be an opportunity to win prizes!  This Healthy Living Drive-Thru Luau will be held at 1621 Nash Hernandez Sr. Road (across from Martin Field) starting at 10AM and will continue until supplies last. Masks are required for all participation. For more information, please contact Mendez Recreation Center at 512-978-2399.

Turner-Roberts Recreation Center

What’s up with you & what’s been happening in your world.

Date and time: Wednesday, May 19th 10 -11a.m.

Other Details:

We know our seniors love to talk about their families, traveling, reality shows, cooking, gardening. Let’s find out how the pandemic has effected these things and how your recreation center help. For more information, please contact Turner-Roberts Recreation Center at 512-978-2690.

Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center

Senior Activity Kit - Registration is required.

Date and time: May 12th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Location: 7500 Blessing Ave. Austin, TX 78752

Other Details:

Swing by Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center on May 12th, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. to pick up an activity kits that includes:

  • Virginia L. Brown senior newsletter
  • Life quote 
  • Seeds to plant a beautiful Texas flower (includes pot and soil) 
  • Exercise card
  • Word puzzle booklet 
  • Popcorn 

To register, or for more information, please contact Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center at 512-974-7865.

South Austin Senior Activity Center

Virtual Marathon

Date and time: May 17th - June 26th

Other Details: The South Austin Senior Activity Center is organizing a virtual marathon! you will have SIX weeks to walk/jog/run 26.1 miles. You can go at your own pace and do little by little or large chunks.

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