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Project Presentation - Jamestown Tributary Stream Rehabilitation

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 7:00pm

The City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department has been working on the engineering design for the Jamestown Tributary Stream Rehabilitation project. We will be giving a presentation about the project and answering questions at the North Austin Civic Association meeting.

The project will include the following:

  • Protection of yards, trees and buildings from stream erosion along the Jamestown Tributary. The project area runs along the creek from Thurmond Drive to Payton Gin Pocket Park. Visit the website to see a map.
  • Planting native vegetation and removal of large concrete debris along the streambanks. This will restore the natural character of the creek.
  • Improvements to the storm drain system on Jamestown Drive. This will reduce localized flooding on this street.
  • Replacement of the bridge on Fairfield Drive. The new bridge will be less likely to flood and will also include sidewalks.
  • Initial mapping of the floodplain of the Jamestown Tributary. The floodplain will be used to regulate development.

To construct this project, we will need to purchase some temporary easements for construction as well as permanent drainage easements. Easements give us a limited right to access or use an area of land. Ownership of the land remains with the property owner.

The temporary easements are needed for us to have access to the creek and room to work. Drainage easements are generally needed either to access and maintain infrastructure or to provide a place for water to flow. Easements should be kept as lawn or flowers.  We will be contacting property owners this spring.

Visit the Jamestown Tributary web page for more information.

Many thanks to the North Austin Civic Association for hosting our presentation!

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1000 West Rundberg Lane
Austin, TX 78758
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Michelle Adlong