As part of Austin’s Cities Connecting Children to Nature Initiative, the Parks and Recreation Department along with dozens of partner organizations, created the Austin Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights. This resolution will be brought to City Council for their vote and adoption on November 10, 2016.

Research has increasingly shown that children who have regular interaction with the natural world are more likely to be healthier, happier and perform better in school. We believe Austin has a vested interest in ensuring all children in our city have the opportunity to connect with the natural world and help create the next generation of environmental stewards who will conserve Austin’s quality outdoor space. 

Show your support for Austin’s Children’s Outdoor Bill or Rights by signing the pledge form below. Individuals, businesses and organizations are all welcome to sign the pledge form in support of the resolution.



supports and endorses the Austin Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that by signing this declaration,

agrees to promote the Austin Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights and commits to using it to increase opportunities for children to learn and play in nature.