Please fill out the form below to request standby services. Prior to filling out the form, please review the information on fees.


The fee for standby services is $125 an hour for each unit, either standard unit, bike team or special response unit, in which you will be billed after the event. An EMS Commander or an additional paramedic is $40 an hour. The total amount billed will be based on quarter increments.

In addition, there is a $100 set up fee to cover the costs of preparing for and dismantling each standby, no matter the duration of the standby. Any request for more than two units requires the addition of an EMS Commander.

All fees are renewed each year and are subject to change through the adoption of the City of Austin’s annual budget. A new fee schedule goes into effect on October 1 of each year, at the beginning of the City’s fiscal year. Standby units can consist of the following:

  • Ambulance: 2 medics on an ambulance

  • Bike Team: 2 bike medics

  • Special Response unit: 2 medics on a modified Ranger Polaris or John Deere utility vehicle

  • Motor Unit:  Medic on a modified BMW Motorcycle

  • EMS Commander: 1 Paramedic Commander

  • Any amount of additional staff requested

Contact Information

Should the date or time change, please notify us in advance. Additionally, should you need to contact our Special Events section on the day of your event then please contact EMS Communications at 512-978-0400. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact EMS Special Events at 512-974-1044 (office) or via e-mail.

By submitting this form, the event organizer attests that he/she has the authority to request the standby and assumes financial responsibility should the standby be approved and staffed.

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