Bidding Requirements, Contract Forms and Conditions of the Contract

Summary Of Changes (PDF)                     09/21/2021

Cover Page REVISION DATE    
Standard Contract Documents and Technical Specifications (Word) 04/30/19 Volume 1 of #      
MBE/WBE/DBE Procurement Program (Word) 12/01/16 Volume # of #
ROCIP (Word) 06/2018 Volume # of #

Specifications  Division 0 - General Requirements

Table Of Contents (Word)                           09/21/2021

00020 (Word) 09/21/2021 Invitation for Bids
00100 (PDF) 09/21/2021 Instructions to Bidders
00220 (Word) 03/30/18 Geotechnical Data
00300L (Word) 09/01/2021 Bid Form-Lump Sum
00300U (Word) 09/01/2021 Bid Form-Unit Price
Total Bid Form 04/03/2020 Total Bid Form
00400 (Word) 04/30/19 Statement of Bidder's Experience
00405 (PDF) 03/30/18 Certification of Non-Suspension or Debarment
00410 (PDF) 09/17/18 Statement of Bidder's Safety Experience
00425A (Word) 08/12/19 Insurance Cost Form  (ROCIP projects only)
00425B (PDF) 08/12/19 Insurance Program Information (ROCIP projects only)
00440 (PDF) 09/02/2021 Prohibited Activities
00450 (PDF) 03/30/18 MBE/WBE No Goals Form
00475 N/A Obsolete. Section has been incorporated into 00300L, 00300U, 00300U IDIQ.
00500 (PDF) 02/04/2020 Agreement SAMPLE
00610 (PDF) 02/04/2020 Performance Bond
00620 (PDF) 02/04/2020 Payment Bond
00630 (PDF) 10/22/19 Nondiscrimination Certificate
00631 (PDF) 03/30/18 Title VI Assurances Appendix A
00632 (PDF) 03/30/18 Title VI Assurances Appendix E
00650 (PDF) 06/08/18 Certificate of Insurance
00670 (PDF) 01/11/19 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
00680 (PDF) 03/30/18 Non-Use of Asbestos Affidavit (prior to construction)
00681 (PDF) 03/30/18 Non-Use of Asbestos Affidavit (after construction)
00700 (PDF) 12/04/2020 General Conditions
00810 (Word) 05/10/2021 Supplemental General Conditions
00810A (PDF) 09/01/17 Federal Aid Assurances {Federally-funded projects only}
00820 (Word) 03/30/18 Modifications to Bidding Requirements and Contract Forms
00830 (PDF) 02/04/2020 Wage Rates and Payroll Reporting
00830HH (PDF) 01/11/2021 Wage Rates Heavy and Highway
00830BC (PDF) 07/19/2021 Wage Rates Building Construction
00840 (Word) 09/01/2021 Construction Training Program Requirements
00900 (Word) 05/10/2021 Addenda SAMPLE

  Specifications  Division 1 - General Requirements

DOCUMENT#                                     REVISION DATE DOCUMENT NAME
*01010 (Word)                                 08/28/2020   Summary of Work {Define Scope of Work}                   
01020 (Word) 03/30/18 Allowances {Define Allowances if included in Bid}
01025 09/17/18 Measurement and Payment {Special measurement and payment provisions}
01030 (Word) 03/30/18 Alternates {Define Alternates if included in Bid}
01040 Reserved Project Coordination {Administrative requirements for coordination}
01045 Reserved Cutting and Patching
*01050 (Word) 10/19/15 Grades Lines & Levels
01070 Reserved Identification Systems {Identification coding for system components}
*01095 (Word) 07/21/03 Reference Standards and Definitions {Terminology, acronyms, symbols, trade names and addresses, etc.}
01096 (Word) 05/06/11 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
01100 Reserved Special Project Procedures {e.g., Partnering}
*01200 (Word) 08/09/12 Project Meetings
*01300 (Word) 01/11/19 Submittals
01310 Reserved Schedules and Reports  {e.g. CPM, milestones, and construction sequencing}
01352 (Word) 06/29/18 Sustainable Construction Requirements
*01353 (Word) 04/29/2020 Construction Equipment Emissions Reduction Plan
01380 (Word) 08/09/12 Construction Photographs
01400 08/09/12 Quality Control Services {Special instructions regarding professional  testing/inspection services}
*01500 (Word) 08/28/2020 Temporary Facilities {e.g. Office at the Work site, water, power, security, access roads, parking, traffic control, etc}
*01505 (Word) 08/12/19 Construction and Demolition Waste Management
01510 (Word) 06/29/18 Construction Indoor Air Quality Management
*01550 (Word) 08/09/12 Public Safety and Convenience
01600 Reserved Materials and Equipment  {e.g. Qualified Products List}
01631 Reserved Product Substitutions
01650 Reserved Facility Startup/Commissioning
01700 Reserved Contract Closeout  {e.g. additional Record Document requirements}
01710  Reserved Final Cleaning
01730 Reserved Operation and Maintenance Data
*01900 (Word) 03/12/12 Prohibition of Asbestos Containing Materials
*01900A (PDF) 06/05/06 Statement of Non-Inclusion of Asbestos Containing Material (E/A Prior to Design)
*01900B (PDF) 06/05/06 Statement of Non-Inclusion of Absestos Containing Material (E/A After Design)
01901 thru 01999 Reserved

Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead, PCBs, CFCs, etc.) Definition and Standards,Abatement  Procedures, Temporary Facilities, Cleaning and Decontamination,Testing, etc. {Replacement materials to be specified in City Standard Specifications and/or Special Specifications}


*Indicates those Division 1 sections which should be prepared for every Project Manual.


NOTE: Resources such as MASTERSPEC are available to assist in the development of

Reserved sections.


The templates have been developed to standardize the IDIQ solicitatin/contract documents. The templates must be used in conjunction with the other relevant Standard Contract Documents.


DOCUMENT # REVISION DATE                DOCUMENT   NAME                           
00020 IDIQ (Word) 09/21/2021 Invitation for Bids
00300U IDIQ (Word) 09/01/2021 Bid Form-Unit Price
00500 IDIQ (PDF)  08/12/19 Agreement SAMPLE
00810 IDIQ (Word) 04/29/2020 Supplemental General Conditions
00810A (PDF) 09/01/17 Federal Aid Assurances {Required for all IDIQ projects}
00820 IDIQ (Word) 03/30/18 Modifications to Bidding Requirements and Contract Forms
00840 IDIQ (PDF) 04/29/2020 Construction Training Program Requirements
01010 IDIQ N/A Document has been superseded by Section 01010
01020 IDIQ (Word) 04/29/2020 Allowances {Define Allowances if included in Bid}      
01100 IDIQ (Word) 03/01/17 Special Project Procedures


City Standard Technical Specifications

Austin City Code - Municode

Special Provisions to City Standard Specifications      

Special Specifications {e.g. CSI Divisions 2-16}

VOLUME # of  #                      08/2019                MBE/WBE Procurement Program Package {For City funded and some federally funded projects. If project is funded by federal DOT, coordinate with DSMBR regarding preparation of a DBE Procurement Program Package.}
VOLUME # of # (PDF) 12/2020   Standard Project Safety Manual {ROCIP Projects only}





ROCIP Manual Cover

ROCIP VII Insurance Manual

ROCIP VII Claims Kit

Master Workers Compensation ROCIP Policy
Master General Liability ROCIP Policy
Primary Excess Liability ROCIP Policy
Secondary Excess Liability ROCIP Policy

If you have any questions about these documents, please contact Garrett Cox by phone at (512) 974-9423 or by e-mail here

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