The listing below is an inventory of income-restricted affordable housing funded and/or incentivized by the City of Austin and/or the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) to help ensure access to affordable housing for low- to moderate-income households. The list also identifies the type of properties (e.g., single family or multi-unit) and the different housing types (senior, students, transitional, accessibility for persons with disabilities, and general residential housing).

The City does not own these properties, but has incentivized builders and property owners to create these low- to moderate-income housing opportunities.  Since the demand for housing is fluid and competitive, the City of Austin cannot guarantee housing availability at these developments at any given time.   Be sure to check back with the management companies frequently to get availability updates.

Lakeline Station
13635 Rutledge Spur, Austin 78717

Unit Type Housing Type Phone
Multifamily Residential 512-615-4750

Spring Terrace Apartments
7101 North Interstate 35, Austin 78626

Unit Type Housing Type Phone
Multifamily Residential 512-492-8980