Land Use and Development

  • McMansion Ordinance Online Training
    This training addresses key concepts of the Residential Design and Compatibility Standards of the Subchapter F in the Zoning, Chapter 25-2 of the Austin City Code. Also known as the McMansion Ordinance, the training provides an overview of the regulations and where they apply.
  • Tree Protection & Transportation Infrastructure Orientation
    This training addresses some of the challenges of integrating trees within the transportation infrastructure. It also introduces some of the regulations adopted by the City to preserve trees when transportation infrastructure is being built for our development needs.
  • Design Standards and Mixed Use Training
    Subchapter E: Design Standards and Mixed Use Training – Subchapter E of the Land Development Code is comprised of standards is to raise the quality of nonresidential and mixed-use development in Austin by providing minimum standards for site and building design.
  • Authorization / Understanding the laws that govern the City of Austin land development
    To keep up with the challenges of a rapidly growing metropolitan area, the City of Austin has adopted laws that recognize the impact of development in relation to its surroundings and long-range plans. This training section explains the laws that govern the City of Austin's land development and use.
  • Rules and Code Amendments
  • The Land Development Code supports the laws for development and Rules explain the administrative process for complying with those laws. The intricate relationship between the two is explained in the online training found here.