As a courtesy, was ask that in all you do, please be kind to the adjacent neighborhoods that support this citywide event each year. Please do not park, block driveways or access paths or litter in the adjacent neighborhoods. In general, parking in non-designated areas (including medians and ditches) as well as blocking driveways and/or fire hydrants is prohibited, and you may be ticketed.


Parking - Parking is free except for the Trail of Lights Fun Run and Event Nights.  Please review the schedule and plan accordingly.

ADA Parking - ADA parking is south of the tree and first-come first-served for those with stated issued plates/placard.  There is approximately 30-50' distance from the parking lot to the unpaved/natural grounds that are under the tree.  In inclement weather conditions person with mobility issues should be prepared to navigate slick park grounds or prepare to encounter muddy conditions based on weather.

Bus - Cap Metro Number 30 bus comes to/through the park.  On Trail of Lights event nights, busses may detour.  Riders can expect additional distance to travel on event nights if visiting the tree.

Bike to the event - Trail Directory

On Trail of Lights event nights, pre-paid parking is required.


Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Dress - review the weather conditions/forecast and wear appropriate outdoor footwear and layered clothing.  Protect head, hands and feet from cold temperatures.

Grounds/event site - this is an outdoor event on unpaved/natural park grounds.

Footwear - this is an OUTDOOR setting.  Surfaces vary from paved, to turf/dirt.  Shoes should be rated for outdoor conditions, and be moisture proof.

Walking - be aware of your own ability, and plan ahead when spending time in a cold outdoor setting.  If you are planning to visit the trail on an event night, the total distance you can expect to walk is a minimum of 1.25 - 1.5 miles.