Modified Operations: We Are Ready To Serve You.

Based on the Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe”, all in-person customer services remain suspended. Most of our services are still available by phone, video conference, email and our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C). For information on our modified services, please visit our DSD-COVID-19 page.


How do I transfer or remove contractors from a permit?

  1. Transfer Contractor Letter (PDF)
    The first option is to have both the previous and current contractors, or their listed permit agent(s), complete and sign a Transfer Contractor Letter. This free transfer option is only available between contractors of the same type, and both parties must agree.  
    Please note transfer requirements:
    • The permit must be active.
    • Demolition, Relocation and Homeowner permits cannot be transferred.
  2. Remove Contractor Letter (PDF)
    If the previous contractor refuses to sign or cannot be reached, the owner of the property or the general contractor over the project may sign the Remove Contractor Letter.  This form removes the previous contractor and allows the repurchase of the permit by the current contractor. The Remove Contractor Letter form may also be used by a contractor to remove themselves from the permit.



Complete the Request for a Refund form and submit to the Service Center.
A refund requires approximately four weeks once the written request has been received and processed.

  1. Refunds of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing & irrigation permits may be requested in writing by the purchaser of the permit. The request must include the Permit(s) number, address(es), include a copy of the permit receipt, and must be signed by the purchaser of the permit.
  2. A refund will not be granted if the purchaser has paid the minimum fee established for the specific type of permit in the adopted fee schedule.
  3. A refund will not be granted if any work governed by the permit has been performed.
  4. A refund will not be granted if an inspection has been performed, scheduled or requested pursuant to the permit.
  5. A refund of 75% of the original permit fee, less the minimum permit fee established for the specific type of permit in the adopted Fee Schedule will be granted on the following conditions:
    1. The permit is active
    2. The purchaser of the permit has requested a refund in writing.