Austin has grown into a global community, with people from several countries living and interacting with each other.  Unfortunately, language barriers can be a problem for renters who could benefit from translation services. The City of Austin wants to serve these residents by offering language translation services to facilitate their daily lives.  

City of Austin - Web Based Communication

The City of Austin’s website currently uses Google Translate, an automated language translation tool that accommodates numerous languages.   As with any digital translation, the conversion is not always context-sensitive and may be not fully translate a text’s intended meaning. The Google Translate tool is located at the upper right page of the city’s webpages. 

City of Austin - Conversational Interpreter Assistance

Those who need an interpreter to conduct conversation with city staff members can contact the City of Austin to arrange for interpretive services through the city’s Language Access Coordinator at 512-974-6745.

Affordable Austin-Area Translation Services

There are a handful of community organizations and businesses that provide affordable language interpreters and translations for a wide range of citizens who may have limited English proficiency.  Below are a few of the local translation services available to individuals.

Austin Language Justice Collective seeks to bridge language barriers so that all people, regardless of what language they speak, have an efficient means of communication. Austin interpreters generally charge $40-$60 per hour for nonprofit interpreting, and up to $85 per hour for conference and business interpreting.  In some circumstances, interpreters may accommodate low-cost or pro-bono assignments. For more information, visit the website the Austin Language Justice Collective website or contact them via email at