Appendix A1 – Core and Mueller Maps 

Appendix A2 – Project Connect Central Corridor Phase I Economic Development Analysis Maps 

Appendix B – Sample ROI Building Prototype Spreadsheet 

Appendix C – Sample Scenario Spreadsheet  

Appendix D – Core and Mueller Redevelopment Attractiveness Map 

Appendix E1 – Core and Mueller Control Total Worksheet 

Appendix E2 – Central Corridor Control Total Worksheet 

Appendix F – Austin Factors Memo 

Appendix G_Core and Mueller 2030 Fiscal Impact Model

Appendix H – Proximity to Amenity Valuation Study 

Appendix I – Austin Market Data Spreadsheet 

Appendix J – Market Value Spreadsheet 

Appendix K – GDP and per Capita Income Spreadsheet 

Appendix L – IMPLAN Model Spreadsheets 

Appendix M1 – Council PowerPoint Presentation 

Appendix M2 – Regional Forum #1 PowerPoint Presentation 

Appendix M3 – Regional Forum #2 PowerPoint Presentation 

Appendix M4 – South Shore Central Presentation 

Appendix M5 – Transit Working Group Presentation 

Appendix N – Index to Electronic Files 

Note: Building Prototype ROI models are based on site plan data or best available information at the time of study. Costs, revenues and returns are estimated based on market research from multiple sources (Appendix I). Actual financial details of emerging project may vary. These models have been produced by the Economic Development Department for the sole purpose of the urban rail economic analysis. No warranty is made by the City of Austin regarding specific accuracy or completeness.