The water distribution system contains more than 3,594 miles of water mains. Every improvement and replacement project is different due to the conditions at the project site. When Austin Water is working in your neighborhood, you should receive a notice describing the project and providing contact information. To inquire about a specific project, call 512-972-1000 for more information on the project.

Click the following link for listings of current water shut offs:

When water repairs have been made to your system, whether a meter was replaced or a leak was repaired, it is not uncommon for calcium deposits from your water line to enter your system. In order to avoid obstructions you should flush your water system prior to operation.

Flushing Your System

To flush your system, it is recommended that you:
Run the tub cold water faucet and outdoor spigot for 10 minutes before using other indoor water facilities. Unscrew and clean out sink and shower head screens.

It is Important to Know: Who to contact for permanent repair
When repairs have been made which affect the roadway, sidewalk, curbs, gutters or driveways, the Utility will make temporary repairs and submit a request to Public Works, Street and Bridge Division for permanent repairs. To check on the status of the permanent repair, please call 974-8751.

Where your City cut-off valve is located
The property owners cut-off valve is located just outside of the meter box, approximately one foot towards your home. Please be aware that if you use the City cut-off valve located inside the meter box and damage it, you will be billed for the repair.