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Water/Wastewater Tap Permits Commercial Application
625 E. 10th Street #200; Austin, TX 78701

Customer must have applied for a Building Permit before the Tap Permit can be issued.
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Note: For Septic Tank Abandonment
By submitting this form, you hereby give authorization to the Austin Water Utility to enter upon the above-described private property for the purpose of inspecting the tank to be abandoned.
Procedure for Septic Tank Abandonment
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By pressing the "Submit Application" button (located at the end of this form), I am agreeing to the terms of this tap application.

Please read the entire application before submitting this form. For City reference to water/wastewater design criteria and plumbing inspection, refer to the American Legal Publishing Corporation web site: (On the green navigation bar on the left, click the Section 2 – Water, Reclaimed Water and Wastewater Criteria menu item for design criteria information.)

Instructions for American Legal Publishing Corporation web site:

  1. Open folder "Utilities Criteria Manual" located on left side of page
  2. Open Section 2 - Water and Wastewater Design Criteria
  3. For Construction Inspection and City Acceptance, please refer to Section 2.6.0.

Applicant Instructions and Conditions:

I hereby make an application for tap connection to the water and/or wastewater system at the service address noted on this application. If any of the information I have provided is incorrect, I understand that I may be required to pay additional tap fees, capital recovery fees, or other costs associated with relocation of water or wastewater connections.

For Septic Tank/Grease Trap Abandonment:

I hereby give authorization to the Austin Water Utility to enter upon the above-described private property for the purpose of inspecting the tank to be abandoned.   Procedure for Septic Tank Abandonment

For Properties outside the City limits of Austin:

I further understand that permanent water and/or wastewater service and the setting of a permanent water meter requires the successful passing of a Final Plumbing Inspection. Any water meters set or water and/or wastewater service provided prior to passing this inspection are considered temporary services, and these services may be discontinued without notice and may not be resumed until inspection requirements are met.

Tap Expiration:

The Tap Permit will expire 2 years after the date of issue; refunds will not be processed after the expiration date. To keep the tap permit active after the 2-year period, for both properties inside and outside Austin city limits, you must have an active building or plumbing permit. For more information, contact the Austin Water Utility at 512-972-0000.

Construction Projects 500'(feet) or less:

For projects totaling 500' or less of water lines and/or 500' or less of wastewater lines, the following documents and payment must be received by the Austin Water Utility's TAP Office before a City Inspector will be assigned. The contractor cannot begin utility construction work in the Right of Way (ROW), which begins at the property line, or the Public Utility Easement (PUE) until an inspector has been assigned to the project. The contractor MUST give 48 hours notice to the assigned inspector prior to beginning construction of utilities in the ROW or PUE.

  1. Five (5) copies of approved utility construction plans, each set is to include:
      1. Cover sheet
      2. Construction notes
      3. Utility plans
      4. Detail sheets
      5. Copy of final plat date
  2. Note: For some small projects, this information may be included on one sheet. Note that a plan is not considered "approved" until it has been reviewed and signed, within the last 12 months, by an Austin Water Utility Engineer.
  3. Two (2) copies of an executed contract or proposal; the contract or proposal must be signed and dated by both parties.
  4. Payment of the Construction Inspection fee (which is determined by the total cost and quantities of material installed in the ROW). This fee is a percent of the total estimated construction costs in the ROW only.

Construction Projects Greater Than 500'(feet):

For projects totaling more than 500' of water lines and/or more than 500' of wastewater lines, contact the City of Austin's Public Works Department, Construction Inspection Division at 512-974-7150 or 512-974-1567.

Project Completion Requirements:

The City will issue a letter of acceptance and grant a Certificate of Occupancy once the following documents are received and verified, and additional payment received, if applicable:

  1. Engineer's Concurrence letter that does not contain any exceptions for Water and Wastewater work completed in the ROW.
  2. Final cost and quantities of materials installed in the ROW, broken down by Water materials and by Wastewater materials. Labor charges must either be included in the cost of the materials, or stated as a separate line item for Water and for Wastewater.
  3. If applicable, additional construction inspection fees if final costs are greater than the estimated costs.


For questions about completing this form, please call 512-972-0000.

Austin Water Utility
625 E. 10th Street #200
Austin, Texas 78701

By pressing the "Submit Application" button,
I am agreeing to the terms of this tap application.